Terms & Conditions






Terms & Conditions

Please read the following terms of use and conditions of the website carefully, before you begin with any transaction. These are the terms and conditions associated with using our online website, as such. Wherever it is mentioned as we, it refers to our business entity and our associate channel partners and third party representatives in sync with the operation of our business entity. When references are made to with ‘you’, then it is you as the net shopper or a web user that is being spoken about.


·         www.bulkorders.co is a portal that is internet based and abides by the laws of the country. When you use the website, this means that you have accepted all the terms, conditions and all the terms that contain notices, along with any of the amendments made by the company. You also agree to the imposed additional charge for use or accessing a particular service.

·         May you are a registered user, or not, we need not inform you any change in the terms and conditions of use. The website will contain the updated terms of use and your usage of the website is subject to the updated or new terms and conditions. Hence, we request you to visit the page www.bulkorders.co regularly, in order to know the amendments.

·         By using the website for any transaction, registration or mere browsing, you agree that you have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions of the website, along with its Privacy policy.

·         We offer to deliver the merchandise that you order, at the locations, which are according to the Order Confirmation Form.


·         This shopping portal is a platform for purchasing the branded merchandise and various services, which are offered by our various affiliated merchants/vendors/service providers.

·         The discounts and services are made available to the users through various coupons and vouchers that they can redeem. Any purchase that you make, will be governed by “Terms of Offer for Sale”

3.Usage Eligibility:

·         Our services are available only to the majors (above 18). Users who are suspended or restricted by the website’s system, along with the minors, cannot avail our services. When you make an agreement, you confirm that you are not a minor and any of the above categories of restricted users.

·         You are allowed to have only one active account that cannot be sold or used for transferring to another party or trading.

4.Security, Password and User Accounts:

·         You are required to register as a user, and hence, it is mandatory for you to create a user account, which will let you avail all the services provided by the website. You yourself are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account. In addition, you are responsible for any form of activity or transaction occurring from your account. In case of i)unauthorized use of account, ii)invasion of privacy, iii)breaching of security, you agree to notify the website immediately.

·         If the website finds that any information entered by you is untrue, incomplete or not current and if the website has found reasonable grounds to suspect such information, Bulkorders.co has rights to suspend the account of such user.


·         You are provided with best deals and offers on the services you avail or the products that you buy. We strive for your maximum profit by providing various discounts. The details about the pricing can be viewed under the tag of Terms of Offer for Sale.

·         You are allowed to use a credit/debit card, which is owned by you by law and that; each detail of the credit/ debit card is correct and accurate.

·         Your credit/debit card details will not be shared with the third party, except in cases of fraud, for verification purpose or by court order and law.

·         You solely are responsible for the confidentiality of your credit/debit cards.

6. Use of Materials:

·         You have the access to the materials for personal, impersonal purposes. You are not allowed to modify any of the product catalogues or any other component material on the website.

·         You cannot amend or remove any text or copyright in the product catalogues or any other component of the website.

·         Any merchandise purchased by the user will be for his personal use, strictly. He cannot resell or sell the product for any commercial purpose or profit. The user thus agrees that the services or merchandise purchased by him, is not transferable and does not include any third party profit.

7.Usage of Conduct:

·         You are responsible for maintaining the required internet connections and computer equipment, so that you are able to access the website or perform a transaction.

·         You agree to use the website for only the reasonable and lawful purposes. Any contradictory activity will not be entertained.

·         The vouchers or coupons provided to you can be redeemed for your personal and non-commercial use only. Re-selling it to other person is not allowed.

8.The Third Party Content:

·         The third party information such as product catalogues, etc. are being gathered by the website from various external sources. You can receive this information via your emails and this third party content is for general purposes only.

·         Any loss suffered by you due to a reliance on any such data, is not the concern of the website or the third party content.

9.Violation of the Terms of Use:

·         The website has complete rights to cease your access to the website or block your user accounts, prior to informing you, if you violate the terms of use or any other additional Terms.

·         You agree that violation of Terms of Use is an unfair and unlawful practice and that, the company will not have any irreparable loss or harm due to this activity.

·         If you violate the Terms of Use, then the company has a right to take legal action against you, and that; you agree to pay all the legal attorney’s fees required during the complete procedure.